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Giving Season in Full Swing – Make Sure You Get Yours!

As noted in the previous blog article, #GivingTuesday was a huge success for our clients, but that just marks the beginning of the end of the giving season. December 31, 2013 is fast approaching! How can you maximize your year-end fundraising?

The end of the year is a terrific online fundraising opportunity. I wanted to share some insights and statistics from both an independent study and our own WebLink Product Manager, Rob Strickler. In addition, watch a recording of the free webinar we did to show you how easy it is to launch your own online donation form! (In the Video Section of our Nonprofit Expert Academy)

According to a study from True Sense Marketing:

  • December is the strongest online giving month for most organizations.
  • The study states that the last few days, and even the last few hours, are particularly important due to needed tax write-offs and holiday-related charitable giving.
  • Also, their report states, “Donors who give online in December have a 51% higher three-year cumulative value than donors who give any other time of the year.”

According to our own WebLink statistics:

  • December represents nearly 25% of all online transactions for the entire year.
  • It’s very important to drive donors to your WebLink pages as these donors give 20% more than if they send checks.

Here are some tips to maximize your December donations:

  • Send an email with a short, easy-to-remember link to your donation form.
    • It’s very easy to create this “friendly link” in WebLink – just enter the name and click save!
  • During the last few days of the year, change your website to make donation collecting the focus of the homepage.
  • Send an initial email early in December.
    • During the last week of the year, send several emails.
    • Pull out the stops on social networking sites.
    • Remind supporters they can give until midnight local time on the 31st.
  • Send a separate appeal to LYBNTY donors (gave Last Year But Not This Year). Click here (login needed) to see how easy it is to find this veritable goldmine of donors in DonorPerfect. Sending this email will not only help increase revenue, but also increase retention rates and donor lifetime value.
  • Email early on the 31st. Send in the morning so you’ll be at the top of inboxes.
  • There are other ways to raise money. For instance, Software Advice wrote an article called The Secret to Landing Corporate Donations.

Whatever you choose to do, we wish you the best of luck!

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