Nonprofit Expert

Ask the Legal Expert

Laura Solomon answers nonprofit professionals’ questions in this interactive webinar. Ms. Solomon dedicated this first session to a discussion of state registrations, acknowledgment requirements, and corporate...

How to Secure Private and Federal Grants

Darian Rodriguez Heyman shares tried-and-true tips to help you obtain grants in a competitive fundraising space. Record numbers attended our webcast on July 26, 2016. Darian Heyman Rodriguez, a prominent...

The Board’s Role in Fundraising

This Expert Webcast was hosted by Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, a seasoned nonprofit consultant. The title of the webcast was The Board’s Role in Fundraising. Linda offered valuable advice to increase the...

Expert Academy

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Become a fundraising master by following the lead of industry experts featured in the Expert Academy. Designed to help nonprofits excel in specific areas of fundraising, the Expert Academy is a series of free webinars hosted by thought leaders in the nonprofit community.

Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

If your pond is not big enough, Erica Waasdorp has several suggestions that will make it bigger. In her recent webcast entitled, Major donors make the splash, monthly donors create the pond, Erica Waasdorp offered tips for launching and expanding a...

Nonprofit Webinar - YouTube Video Strategy

YouTube Strategy for Nonprofits

Top 10 Things to Consider When Making a YouTube Strategy If your fundraising and marketing efforts include video, or you’ve been thinking of adding videos to your mix, Ben Relles can offer tips on improving your YouTube strategy. Ben was our speaker...

Capital campaign success tips

Tips for a Successful Capital Campaign

Watch this webinar to learn the secrets of a successful capital campaign. This Nonprofit Expert webinar features Susan L. Axelrod, CFRE, PFR, who presented her thoughts and tips on “How to Run a Successful Capital Campaign” Susan approached the task...

Nonprofit Fundraising Software

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