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Developing New Fundraising Ideas During Challenging Times

Fundraising ideas can lead to the success or failure of any nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, a lot of professional fundraisers get stuck using old ideas that don’t generate the levels of revenue that they need. People new to the nonprofit world may also feel like they don’t have good ways to raise money.

If you have difficulty developing fundraising ideas that work well for your nonprofit, follow these tips to discover new approaches to raising money and getting your community involved.

Join Forces with Other Organizations

You’re not the only person who wants to develop new, exciting fundraising ideas. Reach out to other organizations in your area and hold brainstorming sessions so you can think of ways to join forces.

One nonprofit may not have enough time and money to organize a 5K, silent auction or concert. Two or more organizations, however, can find fun ways to put these events together. You get to share the burden and the money you raise.

Reach Out to Established Nonprofits and Companies

Fundraising doesn’t always have to get the public involved. Sometimes you can earn money for your organization by doing work for another nonprofit or for-profit group.

For instance, an established nonprofit organization like the Humane Society may need serving tables at a gala event. Reach out to the event’s coordinator to see if they need any assistance. Then, your staff members and volunteers can do the work for a specified amount of money.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking money from other nonprofits, talk to companies near you about similar opportunities. A local business may want to donate to your organization in exchange for help running a conference or hosting a golf tournament.

You never know what opportunities exist until you ask. Even if reaching out to other groups in your area doesn’t lead to a new fundraising opportunity, it will increase your nonprofit’s visibility. The next time an opportunity arises, you might get an email.

Turn Popular Activities into Fundraising Events

Look around your community to learn more about what people love to do. Do they enjoy playing sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball? Do they run races or ride bikes? Do they proclaim that they make better barbecue than anyone else in the state?

Once you identify what people love, you can develop fundraising ideas that will get the community involved. Instead of asking people for money, you should give them the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves. It’s an extra benefit that the cash you raise goes to a good cause.

Show How Your Nonprofit Improves the Community

Fundraising ideas often fail because people don’t understand how organizations contribute to their communities. You know that you provide an essential service, but other people may not know what your group does.

It pays to educate your community members about what you do. When they see the important role that you play, many of them will feel comfortable giving you money during fundraising events. Otherwise, they may feel skeptical.

There are plenty of ways you can display your good deeds:

  • Build a website that highlights some of your nonprofit’s greatest achievements
  • Give shirts to volunteers who participate in community improvement projects
  • Make brochures that discuss some of your recent projects
  • Meet with local community leaders to talk about your organization and what you want to do

People don’t give money to nonprofits they don’t know. The more exposure you get, the more effective your fundraising ideas will work.

Fundraising has always been a challenge for nonprofits. Ongoing economic anxiety makes the problem even worse. Following the same old strategies won’t work anymore. You need new fundraising ideas that increase revenue and get your group noticed.

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